Who says obsession can’t be a Hobby?

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Who says obsession can’t be a Hobby?

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Recently, thanks to therapy, I realized I am woefully void of hobbies or interests.

This was very soon after a devastating break up, where he left for a “holiday” that was actually an arranged marriage he vehemently denied would ever be in his future.

How did I find this out? Because even though cowardly, once he got to his home country he came clean and he told me the truth? Fuck no! I found out using my (not quite) FBI level detecting skills. Not only did I find out less than 2 weeks after he broke up with me (yes, he courageously broke up with me after a few weeks of being overseas). during which time he had strung me along, ignored me without explanation, gaslit me and repeatedly called me dramatic – he got fucking married! Which means at the same time he was slowly breaking my heart, he would also have been engaged to be married. Making me look like a stupid asshole for trusting him, instead of trusting my intuition.

So back to the WHY of this blog. Well it turns out I’m pretty fucking good (therapists would call it an obsession – pfft) at finding answers. I found out ‘Arranged Marriage’ got betrothed through stalking his socials (that we were not connected on), connecting dots and learning some nifty Facebook algorithms that led me like tasty, little bread crumbs to the Witches Candy Cottage or pictures of him his new wife on his wedding day. This slightly more than ordinary skill it turns out – is not an obsession (OK it definitely is).

But it’s also a hobby. My hobby!

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