Welcome! You Beautiful Crazy Bitch!

Welcome down the rabbit hole. If you’ve landed your fine ass on this blog,  you’re probably desperately trying to find answers to burning questions about someone close to you. Most likely a partner or potential partner. The kind of questions that are never satisfactorily answered by the person themselves. Instead you are lied to, manipulated and gas lit so hard, you feel like a permanent guest at the Mad Hatters table.

Something… in your gut, your intuition, your inner voice or quite possibly the toxic lead in your hat, has sent you on this quest to find answers.

What ever it is that brought you here, be it your Spidey senses or something less superhuman, you’re in good company.  I’m here to enable the fuck out of your “crazy” and help you to FIND the answers to the questions that brought you here.

Please note I do NOT actually think you’re crazy. I firmly believe often times we are accused of being “crazy”, when trying to get to the truth, usually by the someone who does does not want us uncovering the answers. This “4” letter word (yes I know it’s technically 5 letters), is used to unsteady us, to make us doubt ourselves.  We begin to question, do we appear or are we actually behaving irrationally. I say fuck that noise.   I use the term “crazy” both in jest and full of love, in a bid to remove the  power and stigma from it. As long as we aren’t hurting anyone or breaking any laws, go ahead indulge those obsessive tendencies, find the answers you need.

My years of experience in the magical realm of dating and relationships, coupled with my EXTREMELY poor choices in morally corrupt romantic partners has bestowed upon me a unique gift. A specific set of skills – if you will,  that, in combination with a handy private investigation qualification has enabled me to  indulge my own crazy side and solve the mysteries of many a partner queries.

Using nothing but a little bit of memory, a lot of social media and google search, I have discovered partners cheating, getting engaged to (not me) while we were in a relationship, cat fishing, “talking” to other people as well of course, just being shady in general

And the best part… I’m here to share them with you!

So go on! Dive your crazy ass in! 💕

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone doing anything illegal to gain answers, this includes stalking, harassment, fraud and hacking. Everything I suggest is both legal and easily accessible public information.

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